Who We Are

Amy Monroe, the principal consultant at AZA Group over the past ten years, has assisted hundreds of home healthcare organizations start out, grow and prosper. With a background in economics, law, and nursing, Amy has succeeded in transforming small home health care agencies into thriving multi-million dollar businesses by assisting them with financial, regulatory, and operational issues.


Specializing in business development and strategic planning, Amy has led many local New York agencies through their expansion into regional and national markets. She has worked with organizations such as LHCSAs, CHHAs, MLTCPs, and Assisted Living Homes, Adult Social Daycares, and Staffing Agencies. Throughout, she attained and maintained a Captain’s rank at the FDNY, where she worked with FEMA and other emergency aid organizations.


Amy Monroe currently serves the International EMS Development Board, which consults with the World Health Organization. She is also credited with structuring the nation’s leading Ebola containment protocol.